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Monday, May 10, 2010

Tori Richards and The Cowboy Way

For those of you who like a little sizzle in your reading, you'll like this author. Here's Tori Richards excerpt from The Cowboy Way.

Lacey was humming softly to herself when she bounced down the stairs the next morning, anxious to get in an early-morning ride. She just might ride out to the old Cooper ranch and see what was going on. It had been abandoned for years.She rounded a corner and was forced to come to an abrupt halt when she almost collided with a horse and the cowboy working over its bent leg. “Oops! Excuse me.”

The cowboy straightened slowly and Lacey’s stomach did a somersault. It was Chase.They faced each other silently for a moment before his eyes dropped to her breasts. Lacey knew she must look like a twelve year-old. After her shower that morning she’d thrown on the same jeans and boots from the day before. Yesterday’s T-shirt was replaced with old denim that was missing some buttons, so she’d tied the loose ends beneath her breasts. She resisted the urge to reach up and pull the material together where it gaped.

“You’re going riding like that?” His hawklike eyes traveled over her, stripping the clothes from her in much the same way he had the evening before.

Lacey’s fingers curled, her nails cutting into her palms as she struggled to hold on to her temper. “I dress to suit myself and no one else, Mr. Saunders.” She held her ground when he straightened to his full height. He thought to intimidate her? “I earned that right when I became an adult. And I’d say by the way you’re looking at me that you like how I look.”

“I like what you’re wearing all right, ma’am.” His arrogant gaze moved over her once again. His mouth twisted. “And so will my men.”

They were so close Lacey could feel the heat from his body.Smell the familiar scents that branded him a cowboy, and unfortunately made him appealing. “So?” She slapped her hands on her hips. “Do your men have such questionable reputations that a woman needs to fear for her safety? I met one of them yesterday and he was a perfect gentleman.”

“I have at least thirty hands scattered all over this ranch. You’re bound to meet up with one or two of them.” His jaw was set in a hard, unyielding line. “I’m not worried about the men who have been here for a while, but we have a few new boys who might not care that you’re the boss’ daughter.” His expression took on an even harder quality, his eyes crystallizing. “And that reminds me, stay away from my brother. He’s married.”

“I know Brian’s married—”

“Is that what turns you on?”

Lacey’s jaw dropped. “You have a colossal nerve, Mr. Saunders.” She was mad enough to spit, or slap his face. Only she didn’t give in to the urge because she wasn’t sure how a man like him would retaliate. “Brian and I are both adults, or hadn’t you noticed?” Lacey could tell by the way his eyes went over her, darkening, that he noticed all too much. “I suggest you remember that you work for my father and keep your opinions to yourself.”

Lacey intended to stomp past Chase, but his large hand shot out and caught her around the upper arm. She was jerked back in place, and a shocked gasp escaped her parted lips. Her eyes grew round and shot up, seeking his.

“Take your—”

“If all you’re looking for is a little action while you’re home, I’ll be glad to show you the cowboy way. If you go around here asking for trouble, you’ll get it. You’ve been warned.”

For more info on Tory and her books visit her website at:

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