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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Review: Time Change

I think I’ve mentioned before that I like time travel novels. This one is no exception. Let me give you a blurb, and then I’ll talk about the book.


In 1948, a film star sees a strange man in her photos.
In 2019, a writer sees a strange woman in his photos.
Film star and writer occupy the same beach house—71 years apart.
In an extraordinary moment, they meet face-to-face.


Rita Randall a famous film noir actress leaves Hollywood in 1948 after something dreadful happens to her. Clint West is a famous author struggling to get over the death of his wife. Both of them end up occupying the same beach house seventy one years apart.

After some investigation Clint finds out that the government conducted time travel experiments in the neighbor some years ago. He learns it is possible to travel in time. Rita is the first one to time travel. She meets Clint in 2019, and they soon care for each other deeply.

But the course of true love doesn’t rum smoothly even in a time travel novel so Rita and Clint have some traumatic and tense moments ahead of them.

I liked Rita and Clint. It was fun to see their reactions to living in a different time. I really liked the parts of the book set in 1948. It just seemed so old Hollywood to me, and it made the scenes in 2019 seem insignificant. The romance is sweet, and there’s lots of suspense in the book. There’s one bad guy whom I just couldn’t stand. And of course Rita and Clint are in danger from him.

If you like time travel, romance, or old Hollywood I think you’ll like this one. I sure did.

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