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Thursday, August 27, 2015

National Dog Day

Actually, National Dog Day was yesterday, but I had two guests so I decided to show you my dog today instead. His name is Rascal, and he's an Australian Cattle Dog mix. I've included another picture for you at the end of the post so you can see the spots on his ears. He's cute in the picture, and even cuter in the flesh.

My son adopted Rascal from a local shelter, but things didn't go too well. They didn't really have time for a dog, and they didn't have a yard for him to play in. As a puppy he was one big ball of energy. I took him in when it became obvious that he couldn't stay at my son's home any longer, and I haven't regretted it for one single moment.

He always greets us at the door with a big old smile, and his tail goes like a windshield wiper on high.  He naps on a doggie bed beside my chair, and at night after we have a little snack and he gets brushed, we pile up in the bed together. He dreams a lot. It's so funny to hear him try to bark while he's asleep. I've woken up more than once laughing at him.

He's a great watchdog too. One night I was keeping the little Batman in the picture while his parents played at a dance. It got late, and we were sleepy so me, Rascal, Batman, and my husband all went to bed together. I woke up to the most terrible snarls and growling that I'd ever heard. Rascal's ears were flat to his head, and every hair on him was standing on end. I don't think he liked for some stranger to creep up the stairs when everyone was asleep.

Once he recognized my son he was embarrassed about the growling, but he needn't have been. If that had been a burglar it would have been nice to have the dog warn us.

He's awfully jealous, though. If the cat tries to get a little petting, Rascal will try to come between her and me.

If you're considering getting a dog, please make sure it fits your lifestyle. It didn't work for my son. Also, think of adopting instead of buying. Thousands of animals both young and old lose their lives in shelters every year. If you adopt, you can truly save a life.

If anyone wants to tell me about their pet, I'm all ears. Leave me a comment.

Notice his cute eyebrow?

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