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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Romance Author's Husband

Since I’m a romance writer, my husband sometimes has to take a little ribbing.  “Are you the model for her heroes?” they always ask.  “Did you pose for her latest cover?”  Well, he didn’t pose for the cover, and even though the man is adorable, my heroes don’t always resemble him.  In some ways he might be a little challenged in the romance department.  He’s an engineer, and I don’t think that profession lends itself to romance.   But on the other hand…

On the other hand, he can be unexpectedly, deeply romantic.  Last week we were on the way to the grocery store to buy some dog food, and he took my hand and said, “You’re prettier now than you were on our wedding day.”  I was on cloud nine for the rest of the evening.  I do think he needs new glasses, though.  I’ve changed a little since our wedding day.  But I can still wear my dress if you don’t try to zip it.  There’s only a three or four inch gap in the back.

That’s nothing compared to how he surprised me on our anniversary.  He can home one day three years ago and said, “I’ve booked a condo in Pigeon Forge.  Let’s go up there for our anniversary.”  I was scared to death!  We always pretty much ignore our anniversary because school has just started, and I’m a teacher.  So, why was he booking condos?  Was he sick?  Did he get a bad report at his last physical?  No, he was fine.  Like I said, he can still surprise me when he reveals his romantic side.

He’s given me some nice gifts too which is mainly because I’ve learned to hint very, very hard about what I want.  I’m reminded of the gift that he bought me the second year were married.  This is a true story; no joke.  He bought me electric hair curlers and an umbrella.  It was hard to be enthusiastic.  I think he may get me a blue diamond this year for Christmas.  If you’ve never seen one you don’t know what you’re missing.  So beautiful!

But it isn’t the gifts, trips, or compliments that please me most.  The things I love most are small, day-to-day things that show a husband’s love.  In the winter when we watch TV at night, he’ll let me put my cold feet in his lap to warm them.  He also polishes my toenails for me, but don’t you ever tell him I said so.  I’ll deny it to the end.  We usually spend the evening in our small, upstairs study, and if I need some hot chocolate or ice cream, he’ll get it for me. 

We always straighten up the house before we go to bed at night.  With five people and a menagerie under one roof, it gets out of hand if you don’t.  He helps me even though he doesn’t want to. 

He doesn’t want brownies in the house because he likes them too much, but he buys them for me and suffers while I eat them. 

He’s also generous with his church, family, and friends, doing favors that self-centered Elaine wouldn’t think to do.

Is he ever irritating?  Duh.  He’s a man, isn’t he?  Still, I think he’s a keeper.

Okay, let's talk. What's the sweetest thing your significant other ever did? 

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T. Drecker said...

I had to smile at engineers and maybe not the most romantic. Got to shove my hubs in that category too. But he sounds like a winner to me! It's the little things that count and he appears to have all of those in check. What a sweet post!

Elaine Cantrell said...

Thanks so much for your kind comment. Yes, I think he's a keeper.