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Friday, October 9, 2015

The Story She Had to Tell

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The Story She Had to Tell
by Sarah Tauber


GENRE: Romance



Madeleine had a secret, a story that happened over fifty years ago in Havana, Cuba. Before she died, she wanted to share her story with the world.

After growing up on a farm in Maine and graduating college, this intelligent but naive young woman traveled to Havana with a girlfriend, looking for adventure. What happened there changed Madeleine’s life forever. From the moment she laid eyes on Carlos, she was turning over her fate to a man she barely knew.

This is a heart-wrenching love story that promises to stay with you long after the book is finished.


I remember thinking to myself as I walked through his home, Mina, you really don’t know this man. But strangely enough, I was not frightened. There was a quality about him that made him familiar. He no longer felt like an exotic stranger, more like a new friend. I was beginning to really like him, and it felt reciprocated. I was smiling on the outside and on the inside.

“Are you hungry? My chef has prepared a wonderful Cuban dinner for us, which we can eat out on the patio. It’s such a beautiful night I thought it would be nice to dine outside.”

“Yes, that’s a lovely idea.”

There was music playing inside the house that we could hear while we were eating. The dining experience left nothing to be desired, nothing. After dinner, he invited me back inside to listen to the lovely Cuban music. “Care to dance?” I gave him my hand, and we started moving to the rhythm. It was all so perfect, so romantic. “My house feels like a home again for the first time in a long while. Thank you for agreeing to stay after you learned it was not a restaurant. I think you are an extraordinary woman, Madeleine, with style, intelligence and grace. I am privileged to have you here.”

And then he kissed me. This time it was not on the cheek. He kissed me firmly on the mouth. Tender at first and then with passion. It both thrilled and scared me a little. What have I gotten myself into?


1.What's the best and worst part of being an author?
That’s easy. The best part is taking an idea that is in your head and putting it down on paper knowing that others will see it. The worst part, without question, is marketing and promoting! Most writers are much more comfortable alone, in front of a computer. It is beyond their comfort zones to go out into the world and sing their own praises. It does get easier with practice, however.

2.Which book of yours is your favorite? Why
I have only written two so far. They are worlds apart and both favorites of mine. The first, “For Dear Life” is a memoir about two years I spent in Tehran, Iran in the 1970s and was challenged to my very core. The second book, a novel, “The Story She Had to Tell” is a sweet, enchanting love story where the characters and their experiences live on inside me.

3.What are your favorite authors in the genre that you write?
I have two genres, actually. Some favorite memoirists are Joan Didion (“The Year of Magical Thinking”), Rebecca Leo “The Flaws That Bind”), Elizabeth Gilbert (“Eat, Pray, Love”) and Matt Samet (“Death Grip”).
Novelists: Leo Tolstoy (“Anna Karenina”), F. Scott Fitzgerald (“Tender is the Night”), Anne Morrow Lindbergh (“Gift from the Sea”) and Marjane Satrapi (“Persepolis” series). There are many, many more!

4.Which of your characters is most like you?

In the novel, Madeleine, as a young woman. Her initial naivete, reactions, feelings and eventual maturity hit very close to home.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Sarah Tauber is a world traveler who retired three years ago from a corporate job to pursue her passions of dressage riding and writing. Her first book, “For Dear Life”, is a memoir covering two years she lived in Tehran, Iran in the 1970’s. It is available on, and    “The Story She had to Tell” is her first novel. Sarah lives in San Diego County with her husband of ten years.
Her blog and website can be found at She can also be reached on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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