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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


by Wilson Harp



In a flash of searing light, the world changed. A massive solar flare has crippled the modern world and brought chaos and destruction. David Hartsman is stuck in the remote farm town of his youth on what was expected to be a short visit to check on his ailing parents. While his wife and his daughter are hundreds of miles away at home in Chicago, David must face the dangers associated with his own survival and the pressures of not being with his family. In a worldwide catastrophe, every struggle is personal.


The days had turned warmer and the rains had come to a stop. The fields were planted with the food that would allow us to survive, and everyone anxiously awaited the first harvest of lettuce and beans. Anything other than radish and turnip soup seasoned with a little green onion and boiled squirrel.

I walked past one of the fields and waved at the boys. Two of them carried rifles and several others had sharp spades. Those with the rifles were scanning the edges of the field making sure no rabbits came in to eat the precious crops. Those with spades walked along each row, making sure no moles or other burrowing varmint was making itself at home.

The boys waved back and went back to their vigilant sentry work.

I shook my head as I thought about what Lexi would say if she had seen this. She was afraid of guns. She never grew up around them and did not like them. I didn’t care one way or another. To me, they were just another tool. One I grew up with, but found no particular joy in using. It was like a hammer. Lexi was afraid of them and didn’t want one in the house, so I acquiesced to her demand.

But now they were needful things. The right tool for the right job. At night, the dogs were set free in the field and the snares were set along the edges. But in the daytime, a stray rabbit taken with a .22 meant not only saving our crops, but more meat in our stew.

My Review:

I enjoyed this look at a world devoid of technology. Most of us tend to think that civilization would crumble if we didn't have our cell phones, I pods, etc, but even though some things would inevitably change, the struggle to survive and even thrive would continue with some having more success than others.  

Mr. Harp's hero is one of the people who grasps the situation in which he finds himself and takes positive steps to ensure the safety and well-being of those he loves. It appeared to me that he fast became one of the leaders of the community.

There were many dangers and issues to face, everything from obtaining food or medicine to keeping their community safe from outside evil. Of course, evil comes in many forms, and some of it is in the community from day one. 

David (hero) is separated from his family and that makes everything he does harder. Of course, an old love is still living in his hometown, and that too is an issue he'll have to face. 

I thought maybe Mr. Harp was setting up a sequel as EMP came to a close, and I hope he writes one. I'll read it, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good end of civilization story. 5 out of 5 stars.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Wilson Harp is a writer based out of the American Midwest. As a military brat, he traveled and met people from many cultures and backgrounds. Exposure to so many different views has led him to an appreciation of an eclectic collection of music, film and literature.

His sense of wonder at stories and folklore started young and continues to this day, often affecting the themes and ideas in his writing. In his works you will find the old fashioned ideas of virtue and honor as the lifeline that pulls many of his characters through the situations they often find themselves.
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