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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Sample

My excerpt today is of course from Rest Thy Head which has fourteen 5 star reviews. (And I didn't even have to pay for them. People just did it.)  In this sample, my heroine gives a no nonsense lecture to my hero. The guy wants to be her friend and more, but, sigh, he has issues.

Peyton dashed down the stairs and hurried to the kitchen where she saw Sandra stirring a sauce. “Have you seen Jake?”
“Yeah, he’s in the office.”
Peyton strode out of the kitchen and burst into the office without knocking. She startled Jake who spilled coffee on some papers on his desk. “Peyton, …”
Peyton slammed both hands down on his desk. “I don’t care if you want to be friendly to me or not, Jake Douglas. I refuse to take no for an answer, and you’d better not forget it!”
She stalked out of the office with her nose in the air, so she never saw the broad grin that spread across Jake’s face before he started mopping up his spilled coffee.

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