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Friday, March 6, 2015

On the Money

On the Money
by Tariq Saleim



Everything in life comes at the cost of something else. The more you have of something, the more you have to let go of something else, and this applies to money, too. There is no exception to this, and therefore it is important to know the true cost of your achievements. The more money you accumulate, the less you have of something else (often health, time, relationships, dignity, respect, etc.). Most of us are not able to fathom these costs up front, and when we finally understand, it is usually too late.

A banker by profession, Tariq Saleim has been the confidant of many successful individuals across his international career. He is a believer that true happiness comes from knowing what you want in life -and what you are willing to sacrifice to get it. 'On the money' is his first romantic novel that discusses time-tested moneymaking concepts and reflects on the hidden costs of our decisions in the process.


She was intrigued by her visitor, who had not bothered to call and then decided to wait. Slowly she walked toward the hall, and then she saw him. He was seated on the sofa facing the hallway, looking haggard and tired. His suitcase was next to him. He looked up as soon as he heard her footsteps and stood up to welcome her.

She quickly walked to him, and before he could say a word, she slapped him hard on his face.

“This is for not replying to my calls and messages,” she said furiously.

He did not say a word. Instead, he took her face in his hands and kissed her lips. Half-heartedly she tried to free herself from his grip and then pretended she could not. As she kissed him back, he released her face and embraced her in his arms.

“I thought I would deliver my message in person,” he replied lovingly, his lips still on hers.

“What took you so long?” she questioned, breathing heavily, struggling to talk and kiss at the same time.

“I had to be set free before I could,” he replied quickly, also breathing heavily now.

“And you are free now?” she questioned, holding her lips to his.

He pushed her back gently so that he could say his next words in no uncertain terms.

“I have paid for my commitments through my blood and sweat. There are no more commitments today. There is only love, there is only you, and nothing else matters.”

She looked into his eyes affectionately and said, “You are not going to disappear tomorrow?”

“Never again, my love; never again,” he replied with a smile.


1. What's the best and worst part of being an author?

Best part of being an author is the ability to create. One can make a world one fancies and shape characters one wants. I find this experience therapeutic. Worst part of being an author is feeling depressed when you write depressing scenes. Somehow when I write about sad and sorrowful situations I feel down and depressed.

2. Which book of yours is your favorite? Why?

My first book, A Chronicle of Amends, is my favorite book. It is a small book (only 115 pages) but it took me three and a half years to write. It captures all my experiences, ups, downs, fights and victories. It records my transformation from a carefree individual to someone who takes life responsibly.

3. What are your favorite authors in the genre that you write?

I am a great fan of Paulo Coelho and Karen Armstrong.

4. Which of your characters is most like you?

In my first book, A Chronicle of Amends, there was a character named ‘AA’. This is a character that I would want to be one day. Similarly in my second book there is a character named ‘Salman’ who appeals to me a lot and I think I would one day be like him.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Tariq Saleim was born in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1972 and currently resides in Singapore. He is a banker by profession and has been associated with the industry for over two decades. He is a law graduate and also holds an MBA in finance. His first book, A Chronicle of Amends, was published in 2013 and received encouraging reviews from critics and fans. His second book, On the Money, discusses time-tested moneymaking concepts and reflects on the hidden costs of our decisions in the process.


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