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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday Sample: The Welcome Inn

Today's sample is from The Welcome Inn, one of my first published works. In this sample, my heroine is in trouble.

She wasn’t alone in the bedroom. She saw a shadowy figure silhouetted against the drapes, and Julianna supposed he must have made a noise that wakened her.

She broke into a cold sweat. Should she scream or pretend to be asleep? She quickly made her decision as the figure approached the bed. "Buck, help me," she screamed.

She had hoped that the noise would frighten the attacker away, but instead he crossed the room in two big strides and grabbed her. Julianna struggled mightily, but the bedcovers hampered her, and the intruder was a strong man.

His hand clamped over her mouth and when she refused to stop struggling, he drew back his fist and hit her solidly on the cheek. Momentarily stunned, Julianna relaxed into the bed. The attacker ripped the covers off and dragged her from her bed. Seconds later her limp body hit the floor with a thud as the intruder turned to face an enraged Buck Abercrombie. Buck’s fist smashed into the man’s face twice, and he lay still.


Julianna can’t stand Buck Abercrombie!  He’s rude, chauvinistic, and exasperating, and he’s her new boss.  Why couldn’t the bank see that she’s done a good job cleaning up The Welcome Inn?  Why wouldn’t they loan her the money to buy the Inn?  Now Buck comes along and reaps the benefits of all her hard work.  Oh, and don’t forget his nasty, criminal brother Travis.  He works for Buck, and her friend Melanie has a crush on him!

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Kathy Heare Watts said...

What a teaser! Sounds very interesting too.

Elaine Cantrell said...

Thank you!